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We Have Lowered Our Domain Prices!

Introducing Lower Domain Pricing

Webnames.ca has rolled out significantly lower domain prices on multiple year registrations and renewals for retail customers.

Our domain prices are now up to 75% lower on 10 year terms and 70% lower on 5 year terms for certain extensions like .CA.

Next time you register or renew your domain with Webnames.ca maximize your savings by choosing a longer term.

Our customers have been responding well to the new changes,” says Vlad, one of the Support team members at Webnames.ca. “When they call to renew for two years and find out that they can renew for 3 for just a few dollars more, they are very happy.”

Customers can expect the same great service standards Webnames.ca is known for, but now take advantage of competitively low pricing.

Below is a snapshot of our new lower pricing available to standard retail accounts:

Longer Domain Terms Have Added Benefits

It’s not a change that is going to rocket your website to the top of Google, but SEO experts agree there are search engine benefits to registering your domain for a longer term.

Google and other search engines are believed to take “credibility factors” in to account in their algorithms. Credible websites have certain things in common, one of which is that their domain names tend to be registered for longer terms – 2, 5, 10 years – indicating a commitment to their online identity and business.

While it’s not going to make or break your SEO game, our take is this: if you plan on being around for a while, why wouldn’t you secure your name for longer? It will save you money, save you the annoyance of yearly renewals and might even boost your SEO a little! [Learn More]

Sign into your Webnames Account for Complete Pricing Information

How do you know if you qualify for our new pricing?
Login to your Webnames.ca account and visit your “My Pricing” page , or speak with us directly by calling our Customer Support team at 1-866-221-7878 for more information.

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