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Webnames.ca Launches New BIV Ad Campaign Featuring Our Customers!

Webnames.ca has launched an advertising campaign in Business in Vancouver that will be running from September 2012 until August 2013. When we were considering a campaign with BIV, we started to think about who we are and what makes Webnames, well, Webnames! Immediately we thought about our customers!

We have built our business and our reputation on our #1 core value of “amaze every customer with exceptional service.” Our customers are always giving us their feedback and we decided to take their experiences and share them with the rest of the business community here in Vancouver. We thought this was a great opportunity to share stories about our customers, to highlight their personalities and businesses and the great things they are doing.

We will be highlighting one customer every month and first up we chose Judy Brooks, Interim CEO of The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Judy has founded, built and successfully sold 3 companies over the last 20 years. She is an outstanding Role Model in the community and acts as a board member for several Organizations such as FWE and Small Business BC, as well as on the Business Advisory Board for The Smart Cookies, Nurse Next Door, YYoga and Young Women in Business. FWE has been a long time customer of Webnames.ca and we are pleased to have them first up in our campaign series.

The Ad:

Webnames BIV ad Sept 2012 Judy Brooks

The Campaign & Social Media

As we highlight a new organization or business each month, we will also be giving you a behind the scenes look at almost all of the photo shoots we did with each participant with our amazing photographers, Adam and Kev Photography. Most of the ads will have a QR code that will take you straight to the Webnames.ca Facebook page where you can see the photos as they were being taken and who we have coming up next in our monthly ad series. There will also be opportunity to take a look at a few of the photographs from the shoot and attempt to guess which photo we decided to use for each participant!

We will also be sharing facts and achievements about each organization or business throughout the month.

We had a lot of fun planning this campaign and had a great time at the studio with Adam and Kev! A big thank you to everyone who was involved. We look forward to getting your feedback on the ads as they come out each month.

A little bit about FWE:

The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs is a place for women entrepreneurs to get tough questions answered. FWE is dedicated to providing visionary women with the knowledge, support, and connections they need to become wildly successful entrepreneurs.

The programs at FWE are designed to support and mentor women who are venturing into new business opportunities. From start-up advice to general tips and tricks, FWE leaders, advisors, and business professionals are ready to share their expertise.

Founded by Christina Anthony in 2002, FWE has been encouraging, educating, and mentoring women entrepreneurs for over a decade. With 140+ E-series program participants, 500 mentees partnered with mentors through the HSBC Mentor Program, and a growing list of programs and events offered throughout the year, the team at FWE, along with its members, continue to achieve enormous success.

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