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Webnames.ca Proud to Support Vancouver Sun Adopt-a-School Campaign

On November 10, the 2012 the Vancouver Sun Kids Fund launched its second Adopt-a-School campaign. Last year’s campaign was a huge success , raising $800k in 2011 to feed and support hungry and needy kids in our local schools. Following the success of last year’s campaign, the Vancouver Sun Kids Fund hopes to replicate it again this year.

Please read the inspiring stories of how local people and businesses are stepping up to help local children in need. I’m honoured to be part of the team supporting this program and my company, Webnames.ca, is doing our small part as a sponsor. No matter whether you have a little or a lot to give, please help and share.

Teacher Carrie Gelson says next step, looking beyond immediate needs of poor kids

For Gelson, a teacher at Seymour since 1995, the situation inside her school has improved greatly; however, she notes little has changed outside the school grounds. Kids still come to school hungry and often tired because prank fire alarms in their housing complex wake them in early morning hours; a few are unable to concentrate because they’re covered with bedbug bites. [Read more]

Inner-city school food deliveries switch to centres for summer

When Jim Duggan dived head first into helping poor inner-city families receive fresh fruit and vegetables, he didn’t realize how fathomless is the pool of want. Inspired to help by The Sun’s Adopt-a-School stories describing the needs of poverty-stricken children and families, Duggan pledged to spend $500 a month on fruit and vegetables and distribute them to the poor.

Since March he has provided almost 7,000 pounds of produce – 3½ tonnes – to help supplement the emergency food supplies that a number of inner-city schools and community centres distribute monthly to desperate families. [Read more]

For more inspirational stories visit:

Easy ways to support:

1. Go get a copy of the Vancouver Sun or read it online. Share the stories: http://www.vansunkidsfund.ca/

2. LIKE http://www.facebook.com/VanSunKidsFund and TELUS will generously donate $1 for each like. The aim is to get to 20,000!

3. If you have a Twitter account, I’ll be tweeting from @cybelenegris using hashtag #vansunkids Feel free to Retweet or come up with your own

4. Donate online at https://vancouverfoundation.ca/VanSunKidsfund/donateonline.asp

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