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Webnames.ca Stands Proudly Behind Our Core Values

If you haven’t already heard or seen the video, GoDaddy is getting a lot of bad press right now because their CEO Bob Parsons shot an elephant and put the video up on the internet (warning: graphic if you haven’t seen it).

 This is  interesting timing because yesterday during a management meeting we were talking about our brand promise and what differentiates Webnames.ca from competitors.

Well, the outrage and groups urging people to close their GoDaddy accounts tells all of us who run businesses something very important.  Brand promise and values matter.   

 So rather than go on about GoDaddy here’s our story. We are Canada’s original .CA registrar. My business partner John Demco founded .CA in Canada back in 1987. Before the world wide web and before people were even using email. He had a vision to secure an online identity for all Canadians. He ran this effort as a volunteer for 13 years for free and has been honoured as one of the pioneers of the Canadian Internet.

 In 2000, we grew from 4 to 30 people in 4 months and ten years later, I’m proud to say that Webnames, founded on the principals of giving back, integrity and customer service continues to grow and expand. Our number 1 core value is to “amaze every customer with exceptional service”. That’s what defines us. That’s who we are and that’s our commitment to you.  We don’t hide from our customers…we post our toll free phone number all over our website and homepage. If you aren’t satisfied, you can write directly to president@webnames.ca . Our BBB rating is A+ and has been for the 10 years we’ve been in business and we continue to track a zero complaint record. We bring the human touch back to technology and are your “Ally on the Web”.

No we don’t sponsor Nascar but we do give back to the community. That’s another one of our core values “to make a positive difference.” Members of the management team serve on a number of boards,  mentor other entrepreneurs and businesses and the company sponsors numerous events, initiatives and charities.

Here’s the Webnames.ca video that I’m proud to celebrate. You decide.

Cybele Negris
Co-Founder, Webnames.ca Inc.

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