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What’s Your Favourite .APP?

Apps… Where would we be without them today? With the growing trend of “smarter” smart phones, we keep expecting the apps we use on a daily basis to become smarter and more efficient. In a way, we become semi-dependent on them and in some cases, we become so attached to our phones that we always have it by our side. Alarm clock apps, fitness apps,  and thousands of apps in between, we use them all.
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There are roughly 1.5 million apps today and that number looks like it will keep increasing. With the popularity and growth of apps, it really isn’t surprising that there will be a new .APP domain extension coming soon and this extension will cater to all companies in the app development industry, as well as anyone with a passion for apps.

How can I use .APP?

To understand this extension, you have to understand that apps have been around for a long time. They were first created by developers back when computers were still in their formative years. Their popularity just increased when smart phones started to make them more accessible and available to the general public. In 2010, App was actually named “Word of the Year” by the American Dialect Society.

The .APP extension will be available for app developers and those in the app industry. Companies that develop ‘coffee delivery’ apps or ‘organize my day’ apps are eligible to register a domain under this extension. Second, companies that offer an app as their service or product will also be eligible for an .APP domain. Finally, the different app stores (Apple, Google, Blackberry, Samsung, etc.) will all be able to create an .APP domain that can possibly make it easier to find their respective app stores.

I’m a developer. Now what?

For developers and/or app companies, pick your company name then .APP; it’s the practical thing to do. YourCompanyName.APP, protect your name and brand. Another way to use .APP is to create different domains for your different apps (chances are, you already have at least 10 apps in the market). So OrganizeMyCalendar.APP, SuperFunGame.APP, FoodPictureTaking.APP and all the other apps you have out there, register them. This helps you protect your name, your brand and your reputation; it’s all about brand equity.

Trademark Holders

If you have a trademark, this gets you into a special registration period called the ‘Sunrise Period’, as long as you have submitted your trademark information in advance to the Trademark Clearinghouse (read more about the TMCH). There is a 34 day validation period, so make sure you submit your information early!

Pre-Register NOW!

Make sure to pre-register for this gTLD and any other extension that you might be interested in by heading over to www.webnames.ca/pre-registration.

Pre-registering is FREE, there is no commitment to buy the domain at this point and you’ll be the first to know when your selected pre-registrations become available.

All gTLD information is readily available for all individuals. You can access gTLD information by going to the ICANN gTLD Application Wiki or the .APP wiki page.

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