Why Every Business Should Prioritize Domain Consolidation

If you have more than one domain name, you are probably familiar with the headache of tracking where each domain name is, who it’s registered under, what contact info is being used and when they are going to expire.

If this sounds familiar, then domain consolidation can help solve your problems. There are numerous benefits to consolidating domain names into a single account.

One Account, One Registrar, Less Confusion, Improved Oversight

Managing domain names under different accounts makes life harder. For one, you probably have a spreadsheet of the different domain names under your management, which accounts they’re under and the various login credentials you use. I feel an Excel induced headache coming on.

By consolidating all of your domain names and related services into a single account, you benefit from comprehensive oversight and a birds-eye view of your domain portfolio including renewal dates, DNS settings, contact details, etc. Also, you only need to remember, save and secure one set of login credentials.

If you happen to be a larger company with multiple business units, each managing their own domain registrations and renewals, we have tools in place to  allow multiple team members and/or business units to have their own unique logins to one consolidated Corporate account.

Having a centralized account also makes it way easier to keep your registrant and contact information up-to-date. This helps to ensure that you will not miss renewal reminders or ICANN verification emails that could put your domain at risk to lapse.

Enhanced Security

If you are concerned about security, not only does a consolidated domain portfolio decrease the risk of interference by bad actors by providing increased oversight, as described above, it also allows you to take advantage of services that can further safeguard your account from unauthorized changes.

One inexpensive and powerful tool is Account Lock. Account Lock restricts access to an account to a certain IP Address or a range of IP Addresses. This stops unauthorized changes made to any account, including domain name settings and more.

For those who want to take additional precautions to protect their domains and brands, Registrar Lock can be turned-on for any individual domain in your account, securing it from transfer, deletion or updates by preventing any changes to your name-server information. In addition to Registrar Lock, you can also double down by using Registry Lock for .CA, .COM and .NET domains. Registry Lock secures your domain at “ground zero,” the Registry operator, and requires  an authorized individual at your registrar to submit a request to the Registry to unlock the domain name. This requester is then contacted via phone and required to provide an individual security phrase in order for the name to be unlocked.

Better Pricing

Consolidating domain names under a single portfolio also provides the benefit of cheaper pricing. Having as few as 5 domain names with Webnames automatically qualifies small businesses for better pricing. In turn, this provides more flexibility in choosing domain names that your business can use online.

Familiarity, Customer Service

A less obvious benefit of domain consolidation is developing a relationship with your service provider.  We have a lot of customers who are capable and happy to self serve, which is great – more power to you folks! But for many others, technical stuff just isn’t there balliwick. If you fall into this latter category, consolidating your domains with a single registrar will allow them get to know your account … or at a minimum, it will create a history of service requests, interactions and purchases that will enable them to serve you better.  While every Webnames customer can count on reliable, experienced and efficient customer support, whether they contact us one or one-hundred times a year, having your entire portfolio with us gives us an opportunity to be proactive, identify areas of opportunity to serve you better, and recognize if something is amiss or irregular in your account.

Domain Consolidation Made Easy

Most people assume that transferring a domain name is a headache; why wouldn’t they? Mobile providers make you jump through different hoops to cancel your plan or cable providers make it difficult to cancel your plan, all in the hopes of dissuading you from cancelling your subscription.

When it comes to transferring your domain names, it is fairly easy and simply involves four steps.

  1. Make sure your domain is unlocked
  2. Acquire the authorization code. Sometimes this is called an EPP code.
  3. Ensure the administrative contact is up-to-date
  4. Start the transfer to consolidate your domain names

Be sure to confirm that the administrative email address that is listed is current and valid, and that you access to this account because a transfer confirmation email will be sent to this address later in the transfer process.

Whether your pain point is updating a multiple domain names or keeping track of multiple renewal dates, consolidating domain names into a single account saves a lot of time and effort in managing a portfolio online.

Ready to get started?

Need some help?  Give us a call and we’ll manage the transfer process for you.



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