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Wix + Webnames: The Best Choice for an eCommerce Website in Canada

In today’s digital first environment where we make purchases, book appointments, subscribe to services, research providers – all mostly from the convenience of our phones, establishing a strong, effective, professional online presence has become a requirement for most businesses and service providers looking to grow a customer or client base in a competitive Canadian market. 

For this reason, we’re beyond excited to integrate Wix into the Webnames family of services, enabling Canadians to build a professional online presence, no matter their industry. Recognized by leading authorities in tech and business as the world’s most intuitive, powerful and feature-rich end-to-end website platform for DIY users, Wix offers a powerful platform to create an online store, streamline scheduling, take orders, create gated content, sell digital downloads and more. In this article, we will explore some of the key features Wix’s website building platform offers Canadian business owners looking to create an online store or provide services to clients.

Advantages of Using Wix for eCommerce and Client Services 

Huge Selection of Templates and Features for Online Stores and Service Providers 

Wix’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor and 1000’s of design features have been widely recognized as intuitive and easy to use, making the do-it-yourself website builder accessible for users of all Wix Editorskill levels to create a professional website. Canadian entrepreneurs, even those with limited technical knowledge, can create an online store that’s easy to navigate, browse and buy products from with relative ease and a few hours of time invested. The platform includes 500+ designer-made customizable templates designed specifically for online stores, ensuring your site is visually appealing and functional.

If you’re a service provider, practitioner or instructor who runs a clinic, salon, or delivers courses, Wix has an expansive range of templates that incorporate features such as all-in-one scheduling with calendar management and team member syncing, service selection with prices, the ability to create bundles and recurring services, as well as set text reminders.

Seamless Payment Integration for Canadian Businesses, Online and Off

Wix’s eCommerce platform is comprehensive with everything most Canadian online sellers will ever need  – it allows Canadians using Wix to take payments via debit and all major credit card brands, manage shipping and fulfilment, set automated geo-specific tax rates (think GST, PST and international), let customers browse products in their preferred currency, process refunds, send confirmation orders and invoices, plus much more. Importantly,  all payments are protected with best-in-class fraud prevention Wix eCommercesolutions including enterprise-grade security, SSL, fraud detection, AVS, and CVV – reassuring your Canadian client base that their financial information is protected and personal information is secure.

Wix supports a range of payment gateways that are both familiar and popular among Canadian sellers and shoppers, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square. Wix also has a point-of sale or POS solution that Canadian business owners can add-on to accept payments at physical locations such as brick and mortar stores, events, markets, pop-up shops and more – plus, with the Wix Owner app, businesses can turn their mobile devices into on-the-go mini POS systems to accept payments in person.  

Everything Service Businesses Need to Run Smoothly in One End-to-End Platform 

Easy, Centralized Scheduling 

For service-based businesses in Canada, efficient scheduling is critical. Wix’s scheduling software simplifies appointment booking and management for any client serving business. Wix users can customize their booking systems, offer online appointment Wix Schedulingbookings, display services, pricing and hours of availability, sync team calendars and even send automated reminders to your clients. By integrating with your calendar, you’re always up to date with your appointments, allowing you manage your time effectively. This level of integration not only enhances the customer experience and encourages repeat business, but makes managing your staff and operations less laborious and time intensive. 

Client Management

Wix’s platform allows service providers in Canada to manage their client database efficiently. You can keep track of customer information, service history, and send personalized emails, custom offers, free trials and promotions. This personalized approach goes a long way to encourage strong customer relationships and loyalty.

Online Payments

With the integration of payment processors (see above) Canadian service providers can easily accept payments online. This feature reduces the hassle of handling cash or cheques and provides a secure payment environment for both you and your clients.

Full Mobile Responsiveness and Functionality 

According to Statista, 60% of Canadians made a mobile purchase of some sort in 2022. With a significant and increasing number of Canadians using their mobile devices to shop, a mobile-responsive website is absolutely essential for any business. Every Wix template and feature is mobile-friendly, ensuring your online store, cart, login, booking process and more function flawlessly on smartphones and tablets of all kinds. Wix’s mobile responsiveness across the entire customer journey is an important business requirement that results in a better user experience, increased customer satisfaction and more sales. 

Multilingual Customer Care by Wix &  Webnames’ Legendary Customer Support 

Canada is a diverse nation with two official languages, hundreds of indigenous and global languages. Wix recognizes this and provides multilingual customer support in 12 languages for your online store or website, with English support available 24/7. Wix SchedulingMoreover, Webnames also provides customer support in both French and English with response times of typically 2-minutes or less, with our own agents able to provide tier-one assistance for more common Wix help questions. 

Relevant Sidenote:  Wix also has a feature called Wix Multilingual that allows you to easily translate your website content into multiple languages, ensuring that you can connect with various Canadian demographics as well as tap into new international markets.

Search Engine Optimization Tools to Help you Rank in Canadian Search Engines 

To stand out in the competitive Canadian e-commerce landscape, it’s essential to put effort into showing up well on search engines for a variety of relevant queries. Wix is widely recognized as having an excellent technical architecture for core SEO, on top of offering built-in SEO tools to help optimize your online store or client-centred service for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. Wix’s SEO Hub is extremely wellWix Editor developed with easy-to-follow instructional SEO videos, podcasts and in-depth guides providing Canadian users expert help with strategy and implementation for localizing their SEO, getting product pages rank, how to choose relevant keywords and much more.  Wix has also integrated Google Search Console directly into its dashboard so you can verify your domain and automatically create properties, inspect your site, and view Google Search Console reports without having to ever leave the platform.  Wix’s level of attention to SEO and integration of easy-to-use tools is a huge leg up for business owners who need to be discoverable to Canadian shoppers searching online.

Manage Wix from your Webnames Account, Connect Your (Free) Domain and Add Professional Email

Webnames and Wix are a perfect match for Canadians who want to grow online locally, regionally, or globally. With your Wix online presence and all of your Webnames services manageable from one secure login at Webnames.ca, Canadians can access all the services their brand or online business needs for a professional web presence  – for example, your business domain name, matching professional email, and for some businesses, a more robust SSL certificate – in one place, with set-up and ongoing help from our renowned customer support team.

Every Wix plan also includes with a free .CA or .COM domain registration at the time of purchase from Webnames; or, simply connect the domain of your choice – no matter where it resides – with a few quick clicks. For businesses and brands serving a primarily Canadian customer base, Webnames recommends using Wix with a .CA domain which has been shown in research to increase the confidence of Canadian online consumers in engaging with a website.

Need help choosing the right website builder for your needs? This comparison chart can help.

* * *

Wix offers a truly complete, end-to-end website design, management, eCommerce and marketing platform for Canadians who are looking to create or rebuild an existing online store, as well as service providers who desire an integrated, all in one platform to showcase, grow and manage their service-based business. Consistently regarded as the leading website creation platform and a global user favourite that’s always innovating, we truly believe it’s the best DIY+ (ICYMI, Wix has a whole marketplace of vetted and reviewed professional designers, developers, eComm experts and more you can hire for help if needed!) website platform for Canadians we’ve encountered in our 23-years in this industry.

Whether you’re an aspiring Canadian online retailer, or a service provider looking to enhance your digital presence, get started with Wix + Webnames today on Business Plan to use all the features outlined above with a free .CA or .COM domain of your choice. We’re so excited to step into this journey with you and watch you conquer your business goals.

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