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Write for us: Contribute guest posts to the Webnames.ca Blog

At the Webnames Blog HQ, we’re always on the lookout for insightful, high-quality articles that can help Canadian small businesses, professionals, web designers and developers as well as corporations succeed online. If you are have an authoritative and interesting take on a trend, or a trick that has helped people succeed online and would like to share your knowledge, pitch your article.

What you can write

We love to feature well-written articles on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Domain names – choosing, managing, consolidation
  • Web Hosting – choosing, security, management, optimization
  • CMS Platforms – WordPress, security, maintenance, choosing between CMSs
  • Website & Email Security – Backups, scanning, malware and anti-virus, hardening, firewalls
  • DNS and DNS Hosting
  • Digital Brand Protection
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital advertising
  • Marketing ideas for small businesses

Your article can be a how-to guide, an explainer for small-businesses or a commentary on an emerging trend or an opinion on a subject that is not easily understood by non-techies. What’s important is that the story is specific, accurate and adequately well researched.

How we evaluate ‘Write for us’ pitches and article

The following are the factors we consider when evaluating your pitch as well as your final article:

  • Is the topic directly relevant to at least one of the following groups: small businesses or professionals who seek success online, corporate brand or domain managers, web designers or developers
  • Does the author’s profile add credibility to the topic they wish to write on?
  • Is the article blueprint structured to build a coherent, compelling narrative?
  • Is the article attributed to reliable sources and does it contain original thought?
  • Does the story serve a well defined and narrow purpose that the title sets out to do?

How much time do we take to respond to your pitch

We reply to all article pitches within 15 business days of submission, whether the pitch was accepted or not. If you have not heard from us in that time, please tweet us @webnames

How long do articles have to be

Your articles should be a minimum of 400 words and can be as long as 2000. We can make exceptions on the minimum word count if your article relies on an infographic. If you wish to publish a story longer than 2000 words, please contact us with your pitch and we will connect to understand your idea better.

Have further questions? DM @webnames on Twitter.